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NEW: I.H. November Swap: The Great Feast

14 years ago

The Incredible Heirlooms November Swap is THE GREAT FREAST - stuff we eat on Thanksgiving.

November is all about giving thanks for what we have, and the many wonderful foods that are harvested in the fall, help us to celebrate the occasion. Things like apples, sweet potatoes, potatoes, onions, winter squash, corn, and pumpkins. Plus all of the spices, nuts, and cranberries that add flavor.

Here are the details:

The deadline to sign up is October 31. Partners will be posted on November 1st.

Please send you partner the equivalent of 6 packets of heirloom vegetable seeds. If you are including opened/partial packs, you may need to send more than 6.

Deadline to mail out to your partner is November 14th. (The 13th was on a Friday, and I didn't want to jinx the swap, LOL!)

Please include a little something extra related to the harvest. It could be a recipe that uses things you harvest out of your garden, a special ingredient used in Thanksgiving recipes, something homemade from the harvest, or anything you think would show your partner how thankful you are for them.

If there is anything I've left out, don't be afraid to post or email me with your questions.

I'm thankful for all of you, who have made this such a great year of Icredible Edible/Heirloom swaps!

Your grateful hostess,


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