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Dark green gel in tomatoes

11 years ago

I was wondering if anybody knew why I would be getting a dark green gel around the seeds inside of my tomatoes? Below is a picture of one of my Jaune Flamme tomatoes with the dark green gel. This is causing on the outside of the tomatoe, the sides to look a dark greenish-gray color where this gel is. This is also happening to my sungolds. It makes my sungolds outside appearance look even worse. The outsides of the Jaune Flammes actually don't show through as bad. On my sungolds, I have a nice orange stripe in the middle and the sides are this dark greenish-gray color. At first, I thought that the tomato was not fully ripening the green color on the sides are so bad. But when I finally cut one in half, I found that it was fully ripe, but where that dark greenish-gray color is - is where this dark green gel is around the seeds. Could this be environmental? Or are my tomato plants lacking some nutrient that they need? My plants look pretty healthy except I am fighting what I believe is septoria leaf spot where I have had to remove a lot of leaves. Could this be caused by the more exposure to the sun where I had to remove so many leaves? Any help much appreciated!!!



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