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UPDATE: 2nd annual Named/Rare/Unusual Seed swap!!

17 years ago

Hi, everybody! Everyone who I know has signed up so far should already have received or should be receiving shortly the instructions email from me! I have three people who I need to send me your email addy cause it was blocked, I have sent you the email through GW but please reply to it so I can have your email addy. Please if you didn't receive the email and you signed up please let me know ASAP! I am using my distribution list feature on outlook for the first time so I want to make sure that it worked! The deadline on the instructions is November 1st, that will give us three weeks to get all the seeds in. I think that I will continue to let people sign up PROVIDED they can get the seeds to me by the deadline. I will try and have all the seeds back out within one week of the deadline and I will post when I recieve the packages to let everyone know they got here! Thanks so much and if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask!!


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