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new: fotess swap for november

10 years ago

FOTESS November Swap: Football in the Garden

Please note: FOTESS requires that you be a member of the group. If you are not already a member, please contact me (Jeanne) or Shirley.

I didn't follow football much at all until my younger daughter went to college and she and her husband continue to be serious fans of the University of South Carolina Gamecocks. Of course, it helps that I can now watch most of the games because we now have a satellite dish! Following football is a new thing for me so I'll do the best I can with whatever game we play. Whether you sign up to swap or not, all team members are welcome to play the game (or games if I think of more than one...)

Now, what kind of theme is Football in the Garden?

If you sign up here's what you will send:
1. A bowl (suggestive of "bowl games" - just a small and inexpensive one from the Dollar Store or similar)
2. Some snacks to eat while watching football (buy or bake something, simple is fine, even a package of popcorn to pop or how about watch for the Halloween treats to be marked down...)
3. Something with the person's favorite team colors (if they have a favorite team - you can do this with ribbon or yarn tied around one of the items - it doesn't need to be complicated)
4. Something relating to the garden (a packet or two of seeds, an autumn plant poke, a miniature scarecrow, a handmade or bought card, a bookmark, or any clever thing you think of)

Christmas - hectic and expensive - is ahead, so please make this a small, inexpensive package. We all know how it is around this time of the year. Creativity is always welcome. I'll be focusing on football in pulling together a game or two for us to play. Also, if you have a favorite team, please list it when you sign up and what the team colors are.

Sign up by November 9th.
Mail out by November 18th.

I'm signing up, of course.
Jeanne (University of South Carlina Gamecocks, Garnet and Black)

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