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Organic vs. Round-up regarding surrounding desired plants

14 years ago

I used salt and/or vinegar solution to kill weeds in the area where no desired plant is present around. Considering salt and vinegar is soaked into the soil, I don't think that soil that has been soaked with salty or vinegar water can be used any more for growing desired plants.

I started using Round-ups for the weeds around desired plants. Now, wouldn't the round-up chemical stay in the soil and gradually mix with the rest of the soil? And it will make the entire soil affected by the chemical. Having said that, whatever I want to grow would not do well in that surrounding area at all. Am I right? Or am I just jumping into conclusion too soon?

I am not sure now what to use for the weeds present around the desired plants I grow....... Would using Round-up and salt/vinegar eventually change the soil? Which one change more, if either one does?


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