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Adding Shrubs for Wildlife

21 years ago

Well, after reading numerous postings and asking my own questions, I have started my own backyard bird attracting plantings. I already have an old cherry tree and numerous blueberry bushes that the birds like. I have been trying to find service berries but so far no luck. I have also planted native and trumpet honeysuckle this spring, I can see that some are making berries. There is Virginia creeper growing up the back of my neighbors garage and those obnoxious ornamental grape vines that I think make bird berries grow wild all around here. Dogwood trees grace my street, one were I see it on my property line everyday.

I have managed to pick up in the last two weeks to add to my garden the folowing --

Aronia melanocarpa (chokeberry, small bush), four small American Callicarpa (beautyberry, Florida native plant), 2 small porcelain vines, 2 red sprite Winterberry females ( these are supposed to fruit heavily and not grow too tall, nice green berries already on the young plants) and a male pollinator for them, 2 bush lespedeza, three native elderberry (hard to find because most places have the named cultivators), 2 approximately 4 foot tall arrowwood viburnum (gorgeous plants, green fruit already on the bushes) and three Viburnum Setigerum (teaberry viburnum).

The teaberry viburnum is an old species introduced in 1901, I think, from China. Not popular anymore because of new introductions and almost impossible to find. I saw a picture of this in full fruit with its heavy set of orange berries and flipped over the shrub. Mine are small, no flowers yet so maybe next spring. They are supposed to be slow growing. What really turned me on to this plant was a lecture I read about a world renown bluebird expert that recommended these viburnum as especially valuable in attracting bluebirds. Apparently, its a bird magnet. We do not have bluebirds, but I can always try and I figgure any berries a bluebird would like, my backyard birds would like also.

I know I need service berries so I am looking for those and still researching what else I should have. Suggestions are welcome!!

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