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Bullfrog question: remove them??

17 years ago

I read that bullfrogs will kill other frogs and I am wondering if we should try to remove the couple that arrived at our large frog pond for the first time this year. I definitely see the male bullfrog and I THINK I see the female there too, though she looks a lot like a green frog. I have read about how to tell the difference though.

It will be too late to prevent them from laying the eggs, but if they are capable of wiping out the other frog species, I wouldn't want them there, although I know this is nature and nature does as it wishes. But bullfrogs ARE native to Maine, so maybe they will only kill some of the other frogs and all will be well. I have read on the net about places out west where non-native bullfrogs HAVE wiped out resident frogs in areas.

The other frogs that use our pond are wood frogs, peepers, green frogs, American toads and gray tree frogs. The wood frogs only use it for a few days early in the spring and then just head out to the woods. I see a few around the edge of the yard now and again.

Joanie D.

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