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NEW: New Spectacular Fresh Fall Seed Swap 2008

14 years ago

Welcome to the New Spectacular Fresh Fall Seed Swap 2008

For those that already have participated in my Back to School Swap, its the same directions so you have until November 31st to get your seeds in, then I can have to you before Christmas..... Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas.


1) Sign up today, whether you a a seasoned veteran or a newbie, this is the best way, and easiest way to get new seeds, so try it and you'll love it.... guaranteed...

2) Please Note: If you keep your email hidden, email me at for where to mail the seeds to.

3) Seeds per package: This is a general minimum, so not the law, just to give some general guidelines.. use your own discretion, many give more seeds, thats up to you... Large- if unusual seeds(6+), if cheap ex, Mammoth-sunflowers, (12+), Medium (20+), Small(35+). Tiny (50+), if common seeds you can add more, if specialty seeds you can add less.. just a guideline...

4) Please list the seeds you send me, this will help, so you will get little of your own seeds back, include enough postage to return your new seeds back to you, and a sticker with your return address is good, I can reuse the envelopes you send to me. If you have a wish list, if able will try to give you some of your wants if possible.

5) I will try to reward those that send more unusual or unique seeds, with filling their wish list or more unusual ones in return, but everyone should receive a nice selection regardless of what you send. But will get what people send in.

6)If you have any other questions you can contact me at

7) So what are you waiting for, you have two months, and even if you are a little late, for some reason, you can send your seeds in late... so sign on today.. many of you that sent in for Back to School, will soon be receiving your seed packets.. enjoy yourself and be blest.. Willy.

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