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Advice on tomato plants eaten by deer

11 years ago

We planted 30 heirloom tomato plants and had a fence about 5 feet high around them. I asked my husband to spray them with deer deterrent, and he said with all of the stakes and the fence, the deer would leave them alone. Well, yesterday we noticed that the tops half of the plant (the growing tips) had been eaten on 21 of the plants. Will these plants ever recover to produce tomatoes. Is there anything we can do to help them recover?

Also, I am looking for a tried and true home made deer deterrent which we can make and spray. The ones available in the stores are sending us to the poor house-they are $10 for a small spray bottle. I have googled this subject, and there are so many different recipes online that you can make-I just want to choose one recipe which really works! If someone has some experience with making their own, I would appreciate some advice. Thank you

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