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The weed that doesn't die

9 years ago

We have this weed in our flowerbed that refuses to die completely. They grow up to 18in or 2ft if left alone and their root system seems to go on forever, getting thicker down below. Multiple plants can be attached to one root. The only plants I have found similar are a Canada thistle, or prickly lettuce. These weeds don't flower.

I feel I have tried everything. Roundup, brush killer, weed + grass killer, bleach, vinegar, salt, GAS, etc. I can get the weeds to shrivel up and after daily treatments for a week they will die, but two days later they are back! Even more so, there is no preventative measure I have found

I've also tilled the ground 4 times this year and consistently hand weed. This isn't working. 2-3 days later I get 10-20 weeds per 2 * 2 ft area. This flowerbed is about 600sq ft.

Yesterday, I tried boiling water and POOF they turned black and shriveled up instantly in a small area. However, I couldn't imagine how I could gather THAT many pots of boiling water to cover the area all at once.

Completely destroying the area is not possible, I have a really expensive japanese maple looking bush thats worth a few thousand in the flower bed that I'm afraid I'll kill along with a tree. On top of that someone recently (last week) planted perennials all over the flowerbed after my last till. With the amount of chemicals I've already spread over the soil the perennials look like they're already going to die anyways, but I don't want to kill off the tree or the bush. I just need these weeds gone, I've never seen anything like it. They'll tear through plastic covering, newspaper, etc. There has to be something that will kill them at the root.

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