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anybody keeping track of the warblers as they arrive?

17 years ago

I know this is probably a post for the bird forums but I also know that lots of you WGers are well rounded and might be able to add a few bits to this.

Was in the spring woods today and managed to catch a glimpse of a VERY tiny sky-blue bird flitting about a pool of water. I was lucky that it had not noticed me and I got a fairly good look at it, only I wasn't as close as I'd like to have been and couldn't make out barring or other helpful field markings. I at first thought it might be a blue-grey gnatcatcher but its tail was a stub, and the color was too intensely blue although the size was about the same. ANd it was hyper like a bg-gc too.

I t actually had just started having a quick bath when it noticed my dog and the gig was up.

All I do know was that it was cream to buff colored on the bottom, sky blue above, looked to be rather plain with no obvious markings (like I said, I couldn't get any closer to be sure) and was NOT an indigo bunting, a blue grey gnatcatcher or an e. bluebird. Cerulean warbler??

Gotta learn my warblers!!!

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