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Why is one plant growing faster then others?

10 years ago

Hello everyone. Im new to posting here, but have been looking through the forum for some time. I have a question that I hope someone might be able to answer for me.

About 9 weeks ago I started growing some tomato plants from seeds. After about 3 weeks they were pretty good size seedlings and I transplanted them into the ground. I also planted a tomato plant that I bought that was already about 1 foot tall in the same area.

There was one seedling that looked just about dead and I thought, what the heck, and planted in a pot. To my surprise over the last 6 weeks the plant that looked just about dead continued to grow and a couple of weeks ago flowers started to appear. About that same time, the plant that I put in the ground that I bought from a store also started to flower. All the other tomatoes that I planted in the ground are continuing to grow, but not a single flower on any of them.

Now, what surprised me even more today is that the one that I put in a pot that I thought was almost dead now has two little tomatoes starting to appear. This excited me (serious, I got excited) because Ive been patiently waiting for any sign of tomatoes. But, it also made me thing, why are the others not showing any fruit or even flowers?

Sorry for taking so long to get to the questions, but thats what it is. Why is the tomato in the point doing better then the ones in the ground. The only thing I can think of is the one in the pot was planted in store bought soil and the others in the native dirt we have. Could that make that big of a difference?

I really appreciate any info that anyone here can give. Thank you.

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