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Black vulture question

18 years ago

Although I live in a built-up area, a local historic site recently had quite a number of large trees removed and the resident vulture population there relocated to my tall pines and spruces.

It seems every night I have 15 to 25 vultures roosting, leaving at sun-up. This didn't bother me until I noticed that a few were scratching around on the ground in a curious way and it suddenly occurred to me that they might be seeking nesting sites (vultures nest on the ground and do not construct traditional nests).

Then I noticed that they were not the usual turkey vultures, but black vultures which I understand are more aggressive.

Will these vultures either attack my songbirds (robins, bluejays, cardinals, catbirds, etc.) or will they attack my cats who have the run of the property? (No, my cats are totally disintested in the songbirds, that's never been a problem/issue.)

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