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Did I kill the crown vetch or will I lose the battle?

14 years ago

I planted 2 small crown vetch plants in my garden 2 seasons ago. Last year it got so big that I looked the plant up here and realized how awfully invasive it is.

This year I was determined to try to get rid of it.

I dug up the areas I first planted and pulled as much as I could out. Then anything still there I used the weed whacker and raked the stems and threw away.

Next, I covered the area well with weed fabric (plastic kind w tiny holes for water) and covered with a very thick layer of mulch. (probably 4-6 inches of hardwood mulch)

It has been over a week and so far no vetch creeping trough. (i know that is a short time)

I also planted some other flowers that spread quickly in the beds and made sure no vetch was in the planting hole when I did this.

How good are my chances that that crown vetch is gone?

Any other tips you might have?



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