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OK I admit it...Re: Black Prince

12 years ago

I posted a couple of times about my tomato problem...

I bought a packet of seeds (several packets actually) and one of them was labeled 'brandywine suddith'...

Naturally I was very excited about this so I alloted around 15 plants for it...naturally though, someone somewhere packed the seeds wrong.

I have basically narrowed it down and I am reasonably sure the plants I have are called 'Black Prince'.

Well I was obviously sort of upset (4 months work for something that I didn't ask for)...but today, I ate my first black tomato.

It wasn't too bad to be honest. It was different for sure. Not as sharp and 'biting' of a flavor as other tomatoes, but its not bad.

I guess I can say I am reasonably impressed with the taste of these tomatoes. I guess every dark cloud has a silver lining.

I guess thats good because I have 15 black prince plants and they are loaded down.

I guess I discovered quite unintentionally that I will probably put some form or another of black tomato in my garden from now on out.

Keep in mind I am only assuming they are 'black prince'.... they look like them and are definitely blacks, and they are the same size and everything...

And on top of that they ripened before everything else has with one exception which is another mystery tomato that came in a pack of early girl...(its a potato leaf parent of early girl)....

My early girl and my complimentary pack of early wonder have not even looked like they are changing shades yet...

And I have already eated 2 or 3 fully ripe black ones and a bunch more are blushing already...

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