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Help! Baby snake stuck on tape. How do I save it?

14 years ago

I hope there are some wildlife rescuing experts here who know what I should do about this!

I had some flattened boxes lying on a patch of new veggie garden to smother the grass that was growing there before. I was too lazy to remove the packing tape, figuring it wouldn't do anything harmful.

Well, this morning I'm messing around out there and found a snake (not sure what kind beyond non-venomous) the size of a large earthworm with about half of its body (the front half, sadly), stuck on the tape.

I cut around the snake with scissors and got him off the box, but I have no idea how to get the tape off without hurting him. Right now he's in a pot on my porch in the shade. Poor thing is still thrashing around, so I know it happened recently because it still has a lot of energy left.

I'm thinking the only way I could save him is to find some sort of solvent that will dissolve the glue but not hurt the snake. Anybody know anything like that? I wish his head wasn't stuck, but it is. He's stuck from the middle of his belly all the way up to his chin.

I really hope this little guy isn't a goner. I feel guilty.

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