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So, I have bacterial speck and septoria leaf spot...

10 years ago

I recently noticed yellowing leaves and black spots on several of my tomato plants. I removed all affected foliage and took samples to our local agricultural extension plant diagnostic lab and they confirmed today that I have both bacterial speck and septoria leaf spot. I probably had this at the very end of last season, but I planted in different beds this year so didn't think it would be a problem. Obviously, I was wrong.

I took the following preventative measures against fungal and bacterial diseases: I trimmed foliage off the ground about 18 inches, I mulched heavily, I water only at ground level and bleach my shears between trimming plants so as not to spread disease. I also use neem once every 10 days as a fungal preventative. So frustrating when you tend them so closely! It really came about quickly. But, that's gardening.

Has anyone had luck at this stage in getting their plants through to the end of the season? If so, what did you use? I picked my first ripe tomato today. Last year when this started it was August and I had already gotten lots of pretty ripe tomatoes so it wasn't such a heartbreak. :(

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