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new: ie/ih october-pumpkins, squashes & gourds swap

12 years ago

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Pumpkins, Squashes & Gourds Group Swap.

I will be taking sign ups until the 1st of October. At that time I will e-mail my address to all of those who have signed up .

Please then send your seeds in to me by the 14th of October. And I will get your seeds back out in the mail by Halloween a the latest. :) for the details.

This is a Pumpkin, Winter Squash and Gourd mass swap. This is a wonderful Harvest time swap.All Winter squash and gourds are fair game.

And I think for the sake of diversity if you have a ton of summer squash seeds then feel free to send them as well.

Everyone sends their seeds to me, I in turn will send them back out to everyone and hope that everyone gets something new and exciting and even some wishlist items.

Please put your Gardenweb name on your seed packets along with whether they are hand collected , from a trade or commercial.

Please no seed older than 2009.

I am asking that you include no more than 3-4 packages of any variety.If you want to include more as extras then feel free. I just would hate if we end up with 100 packages of Acorn and Butternut and nothing else. We all want some variety in our gardens, and the more varieties that come in, the more variety I can see that you get back :-D

At least 9 or more seeds per pack(unless they are extremely rare,then 4-5 seeds per pack should do)

There is no minimum package amount but try and keep it at a maximum of 30 packages per person, as depending on participation, I cannot guarantee a 1 to 1 return of that many varieties.

Send your seeds in a Bubble Envy, along with a return mailing label, and enough postage for the seeds to make their return trip.In other words , whatever it costs you to send it out to me is how much you need to include for me to send it back. Stamps are fine. But absolutely no prepaid mailing labels or metered postage. They don't work for this as I believe they are dated and only valid if sent from the P.O. they are purchased at.

Also include a list of what you sent in,I will use this as a fail safe so I don't send back to you what you sent to me. And please include a wishlist too :).

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

This was a great swap last season and I am sure it will be even better this year!!


Donna :)

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