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NEW: Wintersowing Seed Swap

17 years ago

How about a flower swap for us winter sowers! It will be great.

To join the fun, post a message here in this forum or on the ws page and email me for my address. Please title your email WS Seed Swap or something of the likes. There are not really any rules but please include the following.

Please put about 25 seeds per packet.

Please send the following info with your seeds.

the name of the plant both common and latin if you know both. Also sun and water requirements and hardiness information on the packet. You can also include any other information you have or feel like sharing. Also please inclued your GardenWeb name on the packet.

Please put your seed packets in a padded envelope. Include an extra padded envelope that is addressed to yourself and includes the same amount of postage that you put on the outside envelope for me to send your seeds back.

You may also include a brief want/wish list. Remember short;0) Just write down on a piece of paper 3-5 seeds you would like to have the most. I will try to fulfill at least one of everyone's wishes, depending on the seeds that are in the swap. If you would like to be totally surprised, you can skip the want list. At the top of the list you send with your seeds, please print your name, address and gardenweb name.

Include a list of all the seeds you are sending. No more than 3 packs of the same kind, unless bonus packets, but send any number of packets from 1 on up. At the top of this list also write your name, address and gardenweb name please. Just to keep everything in order

If you would like to include "bonus" packets please put "bonus" on them.

I will post to this forum and the WS forum when I receive your packets of seeds in the mail.

As soon as all the seeds are in, allow me about a week or tow to get it all sorted. I will post to this forum when the packages are sent.

Please include an extra stamp for bonus packets, if possible

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me when you email me for my address.

And just one more thing. This will be my first time hosting so I will do my best to keep everyone happy.

The deadline is Nov. 5th, so please try to have your seeds in the mail by the first.

I hope to hear from you all.


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