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Hollyhock Seed Only Swap/Trade

13 years ago

This is an Invitation to Participate in a...

Hollyhock Seed Only Swap/Trade.

(This is an Across the Internet Seed Trade that I am Hosting.

Several Websites and Garden Groups I Have Posted this on)

The Rules Will be Simple

1 - Maximum of Fifty(50) Packets of Hollyhock Seed to be Sent in.

(No More than 50 Seed Packets Per Participant)

1 - Each Seed Packet Needs to Contain a Minimum of 20 Seeds.

(All Seeds Being Sent in Need to be Fertile Dark Silver Grey to Black in Color)

2 - Five(5) Packets Maximum Per Color of Hollyhock Variety.

2a-- Only Five(5) Packets Total Allowed of Any Mixed Colored Hollyhock Seed Packets.

3 - Please Include... Preferably in Postage the Amount Required to Send Your Package Back to Your Address from Me...NO Postage Machine/Metered Postage Please.

The Amount in Postage You are Sending...Should Amount to the Same Postage that it took to Send Your Package to Me.

4 - Please Include a List of All Color/Varieties that You are Sending in to be Traded...

Along with the Number of Packets of Each Color/Variety that You Have Sent.

Include Your Screen Name and Real Name and Address on the List.

5 - Deadline for Mailing in Seeds Will be, Monday, November 2nd.

(Start Mailing in Your Seed Packets as Soon as Possible)

Seeds Will be Mailed Back to You by Monday, November 16th.

Please Private-Mail Me to Participate...

and I Will Send You My Address for Sending in Your Hollyhock Seed Packets.

Thanks for Your Interest...

This Should be Fun!


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