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UPDATE: Incredible Edibles October Swap Partners

15 years ago

It is a few days early , but here is the list of Partners for the Autumn Harvest.

We are swapping Fall Harvest/Halloween themed seeds and such... a little spooky fun never hurt...right?!?!

Please try to get your packages out in the mail by October 8th or 9th ....but most important, enjoy this wonderful Autumn time of year, and the Harvest Swap!!

Swap Buddies

iheartroscoe/Heather - sunnyk/Donna

luvgardening2/Nancy - ncgardengirl/Fran

ejmoore510/Joan - gardenkitteh/Diane

booberry85/Becky - bonechickchris/Christy

southerncharm1/Kathy - frenchfrylegs1/Polly

And just in case anyone was wondering ..I put everyones names on bits of paper and put them in a hat...then I pulled 2 strips out of the hat at a time and didnt even look at them until I was ready to post each Buddy Swap Pair. :) I wanted to be as fair as it has been years since I got to pull names out of a hat ROTFLMBO!!!

Have Fun!!


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