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UPDATE: Top 10 Most Wanted Seeds Swap #2

10 years ago

If you would like to participate in this swap please join.
The rules are simple.

You sign up here and POST here your Top 10 Most Wanted Seeds.

If anyone has those seeds they will send them in and I will put them in your stash.

1. Sign up

2. List your Top 10 Most Wanted Seeds.

3. Please send in FRESH seeds nothing older than 2012, if it is a seed that must be kept fresh please make sure it is from 2013 or a fresh harvest from your garden.

4. You will have until September 20th to get your seeds in. I will begin mailing them back out September 30th.
ANY seeds which arrive late will be returned to you. YOUR SEEDS MUST BE IN NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 25TH! NO EXCEPTIONS.

5. Include your Top 10 Most Wanted Seed list IN YOUR PACKAGE.

6. Include the amount of postage INSIDE your package that it cost you to mail to me, DO NOT INCLUDE CASH.

7. Make sure you send your seeds inside a bubble mailer. You DO NOT have to send another bubble mailer inside your package. The mailer you send to me with your seeds inside IS the one I will mail back to you.

8. You DO have to include a shipping label with your address on it. Make sure you put this inside your mailer.

9. Make sure the seed envies are packed in secure envies. Sometimes homemade envies break and the tea bag envies do not seem to hold up well. If you have to use either of these please make sure they are well secured.

9. Clearly label your seeds packets you are mailing in, with the YEAR and TYPE please make sure you include a YEAR on the seeds.

10. Participants are welcome to mail in ANY amount of seeds. IF you are sending in seeds from someone's want list please mark those seeds for THAT person!


I will try to send back as many to you as you mail in, this is not always possible and IF YOU DO NOT WANT THE AMOUNT RETURNED TO YOU WHICH YOU SENT IN PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF THAT AS WELL.

Please do not send in a bunch of Marigolds, Purple Coneflower, or any other 'common' seeds these get included in EVERY seed swap and I am sure most people have them, IF someone specifically ask for them you may send the in.

LAST DAY TO SIGN UP FOR THE SWAP IS SEPTEMBER 14th. This is so your package will have time to get to me.

I will send you my address through an email. If I do not send it to you please send me an email to remind me I didn't send it to you.

Thanks, HAVE FUN and I hope you will join this fun swap!

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