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IE/IH 2nd Annual Fall Bean Swap! Just Beans!!!!

13 years ago

Hello guys! Sorry I have not been around in a while. But Fall is almost here, so that means it is time for the Bean Swap! The swap will be just about the same as last year ( actually most of what follows I actually cut and pasted from last years swap!)

This swap is hosted on behalf of the Incredible Edibles and Incredible Heirlooms, by me. This will be a swap just for BEANS!!!! All and anyone are welcome to join this swap!!!! Anything that is considered to be in the bean/legumes family will be accepted!

This will be a mass swap. All beans will be sent in to me, along with a wish list. After I receive everyone's beans, I will redistribute them all back out to everyone, hopefully forfilling people's requests from their wish list.

You will receive the same number of packs that you send in, maybe more. This is a fair 1 for 1 swap.

Please include enough beans for a person to try a certain variety per pack. I am thinking 15-20 beans each. Smaller numbers are ok for very large sized beans, or rare/hard to find varieties.

You are welcome to send multiple packs. But please do not get carried away, like sending in 12 packs of a basic same variety bean. In that case, I may have to send multiples back to you. I am thinking 4-5 packs of one variety is acceptable.If it is a special and/or rare/uncommon bean, then you can send in more than 5 packs.The better the variety you send in, the better the variety you will get back. If you have done swaps with me in the past, you know that I do pay attention to what you send in, and do extra work to make sure you receive the similar variety quality of beans comparable to what you sent in. So if you send in common, you will get back common, you send in more unique varieties, I try to send you back more unique varieties, etc. I do not just throw beans in you envelope without looking like some other swaps do. So while my extra work is a good thing for you, please note that it does take me a little extra time to put your envies together.

There is no limit, you can send in one pack or 50 packs.

Please feel free to send in extras!!!! It helps me to give back more of a variety to everyone. I will also be rolling in beans myself as extras too.

I know this probably should go without being said, but please DO NOT send beans from the grocery store or beans that were grown for eating from the bean isle!!!! Only send in beans that were grown for re-planting!!!! I know that sounds dumb, but I have received seeds once that someone took from their cubboard out of the Goya bag!!!! That is horrible! Please send in seeds that you would find of a quality that you would like to receive back yourself.

There is a place called Purcell Moutain Farms that sells exotic beans for eating, but their beans are also promised to sprout and to be true. So for hard to find, unusual beans, beans from their are ok!

Feel free to send in commecial beans and/or beans harvested from your own garden. Just please indicate if they are commecial or garden harvested on your packet!!!!

Please send beans that are no older than 2 years!!!! No bean mixes either!

Include enough postage or money for the return of your package please! Beans are HEAVY! Since beans are heavy, you may want to ship them in one of those small Priority Flat Rate mailers that cost about $5-6 postage, no matter what the weight is and you will know exactly how much postage to send in ( I think they even have a stamp in this amount that you can buy if wanted to send that instead of money). I would then return your beans in the same box. That is just a suggestion for people who plan on sending in a lot of beans. ( If you want return confirmation, I will do so if you cover the cost. I think it is 60 cents or so?)

If you are sending them in an bubble envelope, please make sure that the envelope is strong enough to protect the beans coming in and going out. I will reuse the same box/envelope that you sent your beans in to save you $$$.

I will hold sign ups for a while, in order to give people time who are still harvesting for a fall crop. I will be accepting beans sent in up and until October 15th. I am hoping to have everyone's beans back to them in 2-4 weeks after the due date.

PLEASE include a Wish List, so I can try to give you back beans that you want or need.

************Please also include a list of what you SEND IN, so I do not send you back what you gave in!!!! Last year I had to hand write lists for people who did not send this in and it took up a lot of my time! While it is very time consuming for me to do this for 20 people, it is quite easy for you to just jot them down for me instead! And it also insures that you will not receive the same variety bean back that you had sent in!**************

Also, just as a side note for people who are sending in beans havested this year~ If you beans have been recently drying, you may want to pack them in coin/paper envelopes instead of plastic baggies. Last year, I had some beans that were sent in to me that showed slight mold. While your may think your beans are fully dried, they may not be. So if that is the case,if they are in a paper envelope instead of plastic, they should not mold and will not have to be thrown away.

Sorry for all the reading! I just want this to be a fair and fun swap for everyone!!!! If you have ANY questions, PLEASE ASK!!!!

Thank you!!!!


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