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Maximum pounds of toms per square foot in Raised Bed

14 years ago

I want to know what variety will give a maximum pounds of tomatoes per square foot. I want to take a raised bed 4 ft wide by 10 foot long which is 40 square foot and get the highest yield in zone 5. I do not want to stake the plants. I want to allow them to sprawl. I know most people want to stake them up but I dont want to do that.

I am thinking that maybe New Big Dwarf will allow me to plant real close together and get a big yield. Or maybe a different Rugose or Dwarf plant.

If not a dwarf then a determinate must be the best choice.

I am willing to plant them very close together. So for example if I did them 2 per square foot then I could get in 80 plants. I am thinking 80 New Big Dwarf might give me a huge yield.

But then I think maybe a plumb tomato might be the highest yield.

Cherry toms are definitely out. They are too small to give a high yield.

I would think that commercial growers would know what gives real high yields on a per acre basis.

I am not looking to sell the toms. So some blemishes can be cut off and made into sauce or juice or used in a salad. I know commercial growers need all toms to look perfect. I do no need that.

What kind of yields have people obtained in a raised bed per square foot.

I do like Jet Star. It is a good tom but it takes up a medium room. I usually plant only 9 plants in a 8 by 8 raised bed.

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