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NEW: Petal Pushers - Halloween Masquerade Party!

Vic Billings, MT
15 years ago

All you Ghouls, Ghosts, and Goblins! It's time for everyone to put on your costumes and get ready for the Masquerade Party! This is going to be a spooktacularly secret swap! You will not know who you are receiving from because they are in costume!!! Each box needs to have at least one Halloween decoration, it can be for indoors or out, it can be spooky and scary or fun and whimsy, anything goes! (lets keep it inexpensive, we all still have to buy candy for the gremlins!) Also, please try to include some seeds, bulbs, or tubers. If you are sending to a climate that can still receive plants and wish to send those instead, then by all means go for it! If you can find things with a Halloween name or black and orange colored that would be fun too, but not a requirement.

Of course, we have to have some rules..........

As per GW, you must be at least 18 to join in RR swaps.

I will be taking sign-ups until Oct 4th, and will post a final players list on Oct. 5th, and email everyone there send to persons info.

Please have all boxes mailed by Oct. 18th, we want to have time to enjoy our new decorations before Halloween is over!

You Must send with a DC# (email it to me)

If sending live plants they need to be shipped priority.

Anyone that joins will be emailing me their address AND the DC# when you send your box out. Since you will not be in contact with each other as to what your likes and dislikes are, you may want to make sure your trade page is up to date, or we can post here things we like, however you want to do it.

ALSO! Please remember that this is the first time I have hosted a swap! Pixie is going to be helping me (if she ever gets her internet back!) SO, if there are any mistakes, take em up with her! LOL! Just kidding, but please be patient with me : )

Now, let the party begin!!!


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