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PH of castings, use of worm juice &castings

I have actually three questions in one to ask the "worm experts" in this forum. I am embarrassed to admit I have had my red wigglers for a number of years but never really understood how I could use the castings and juice appropriately. I have been feeding them but never really using their by product. Can I use the castings as is as potting soil or do I need to dilute it with potting mix (I have Miracle Grow Moisture Control Potting Mix, which claims to feed plants up to six months)? If I need to combine the castings with potting soil what is the ratio? Do I need to be concerned about the PH of the castings; if so how do I check it and does it cost a lot? Lastly, the person who gave me my worm bin insists that her "expert" said the "worm juice" has to be diluted 1 part juice to 20 parts water before it is used on plants because it is so strong. I was told in this site by someone that there shouldn't be any juice and that my if there was my bin is too wet; in addition I was told that the "juice" could be used as is.

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