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Wilted tomato plant and damaged tomato

12 years ago

Good morning, all! This is my first post and I'm trying to follow the rules.:) I've searched but haven't been able to find a solution to my tomato problem yet.

Yesterday I went out to find one of my Early Girl plants completely wilted from top to bottom. I checked the soil and it is moist, not wet or dry. All the other toms around it look fine. I dusted with diatomaceious earth for aphids. I have seen aphids but only a few.

This morning it's still wilted and I did find some dead aphids. I also found one of my green toms on the plant with a "bite" out of the top. I say bite because it doesn't appear that any kind of worm chewed into it. Just a little bite off the top, about the size of the end of a pencil, maybe a bit smaller.

Any suggestions?

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