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new: mnf october swap - u pick the theme

14 years ago

Well, this time around we're going to do things a little differently. Instead of Wendy and I picking a theme for you all to follow, each of us is going to pick our own theme. And, here's the kicker. Once someone has posted and chosen a theme for their box, NO ONE else gets to use that theme! This shouldn't be a problem since we've all shown how creative we can be, but it should be a lot of fun! We do have a few other rules, so let me outline them for you...

1) All players should be at least 18.

2) Please use a Medium-Sized Flat Rate Box, or the equivalent. Also, use a delivery confirmation number when sending out your box, and post it on the current thread.

3) Choose a theme for your box, and post it. This is going to be first come, first served, so get your choices in early!

4) Box contents should include at least the following... 3 types of bulbs or 6 types of seeds, a card or letter explaining what your theme is and why you picked it, 1 trick or treat (it is Halloween, after all). The rest of the contents are up to you.

5) Due to the time of year, plants are optional.

6) HAVE FUN!!!

7) And please, try to chime in on the current thread at least a couple of times a week. Getting boxes is fun, but we're also all about the conversations and getting to know one another too!

While discussing this swap, Wendy and I got to reminiscing about the good ol' days when she was a Valley Girl (fer shure) and I was a Preppie Punk (yes, I wore alligator shirts and had green and blue hair). Because of that conversation, we thought it would be fun if everyone dug into their photo albums and posted a picture of how they used to look. Did you wear bell bottoms and a tie-dye t-shirt? Show us! (Omit the bong though.) Did you go for the bandanas and chains? We'd like to see that! Were you into leather and swords? Well, Wendy has shown us her Xena-look, now's the time to show us what YOU looked like! (Sorry Wendy, just had to do it!) Once the pictures have been posted, Wendy and I will be handing out awards. We'll be looking for the scariest, silliest, and most-outdated get-ups, amongst others. So, show us what you looked like in days of yore!

Now, if you need some ideas for a theme, think back on what types of past themes we've had and choose one of those, or make up one of your own. Who knows? You may come up with an idea we'd all like to try in the months to come! Like Easter? Then post and put together a box with bunny rabbits and eggs. Christmas your thing? Tinsel and a Charlie Brown Christmas video would be great! Have a favorite color? Then build your theme around all things which are red. Get the idea? Good! Now, let's see what we all come up with!


Posting Date...Today, September 20th

Last Day to Sign Up...October 4th

Partner Announcements...October 5th

All Boxes Should Be Sent by October 19th

Oh, by the way, my theme? Well, I'm going to keep it simple. I'm calling my theme "ALL THINGS YELLOW".

Have fun!


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