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new: sept. color of the month seed swap: black

13 years ago

With a few changes, IÂve copied the following from another ÂColor of the Month swap:

Any seed that produces a Âblack flower, fruit, herb or vegetable or has a name including the word ÂBlack or that brings the color black to mind (such as dark, midnight, shadow, evening, ebony, etc.) is welcome. Please donÂt send anything other than seeds (no plants, bulbs, cuttings, etc.).

Please donÂt send seeds of invasive plants, noxious weeds, or seeds more than 2 years old (unless you know theyÂre viable.). Please include the following on the packet label: the name of the seed, year collected/packed for, your GW name, and whether your seeds are from a commercial source or hand-collected.

You may send as many as 10 packets or as little as one: any amount over 10 will be considered extra. Those who send extras will get extras back, depending on the varieties sent in. Please donÂt send more than 2 packets of the same variety.

Please send in the number of seeds per pack that you would be comfortable receiving yourself. As a general rule, there should be a minimum of 10 seeds per pack.

Sign-ups end September 10th; seeds should be mailed by the 20th. After signing up here on this thread, please send me an e-mail with your full name & address and your GardenWeb name. If at least 5 people express interest in this monthÂs color swap, IÂll reply back to you with my mailing address.

Use a bubble envelope in good condition when you mail to me (it will be used to mail back your new seeds) and include all of the following along with your seeds:

1 Mailing label with your full address on it.

2. Stamps equal to what you used to mail plus one extra in case itÂs needed. Unused postage will be returned.

3. A piece of paper with your GW name, e-mail address, and a list of what you sent in so you don't get those seeds back. (If youÂre pressed for time & canÂt include this, no big deal.)

4. Please let me know if you'd prefer edibles, ornamentals or a mix.

If there's something 'Black' that you're specifically looking for, feel free to post it here.


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