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NEW: Seed Purge Fall 2013

10 years ago

I did this last year and had a blast, so hopefully I will again this year :)
I'm going ahead and posting this...though the deadline is October 15th. Yes, a long time away...but a few folks messaged me last go 'round that they didn't see it until it was too late...hopefully everyone who wants to participate has ample time to see this.

Swapper should have the ability to send seeds in by the deadline (October 15th).
The ability to post then they've received their seeds back from me.

Let me know in this thread that you would like to participate & I will message my address to you. THE PURGE IS OPEN TO ALL...USA, CANADA, & INTERNATIONAL.
*PLEASE make sure that it is legal to send and receive seeds in your there are a few that do not accept seeds from the US*

1. You can send in up to 100 seed packs. If you are sending in extra seeds as a bonus please mark them clearly as a bonus. If you send in 100 packages, you will get 100 packages back. If you send in 5 packages you will get 5 back. There is a maximum of 5 packages of each variety per person. Variety meaning "Dixie Butterpea", not legumes in general You can send veggies, flowers, and herbs.
As a rule, seed packets should *try* and contain the following:
Tiny Seeds (basil, hyssop, poppies): 1/4 tsp
Small Flower Seeds (calendula, bachelor button): 1/2 tsp
Small Vegetable Seeds (tomato, pepper, eggplant): 10 seeds
Large Flower Seeds (4 O'Clock, Nasturtium, Thunbergia): 10 seeds
Large Vegetable Seeds (Squash, Beans, Corn): 20 seeds

2. Please send NAMED VARIETIES of seed. Please mark the seed package with the type of seed (annual or perennial flower, herb, vegetable, etc.) & the cultivar name. PLEASE DO NOT SEND KNOWN HYBRIDS. If seeds are from a commercial source, please note that as well. Basically put as much info as you can on the packet. Or if possible, send seeds in the original packet. If there is anything that is unsure of, just ask! Do not include mystery seeds. It isn't fair to send mystery seed to people who followed the instructions & sent in named varieties. Unknown varieties will be sent back to you.

When you grow out the seeds that you receive please try not to be upset if an occasional plant is not true. That being said, please don't send in seed that you know is crossed & will not grow true.

Please do not include seeds that are older than 2011.

3. Please include a list of the seeds that you are sending in (or message me with the list). Also include a wish list or preferences and if there are any seeds you do not want to receive. I will try my best to accommodate your wish list, but there are no guarantees, of course. The returned seeds will be completely dependent on what is sent in. The easiest wishlists to fill include some specifics (Malachite Box Tomato), but also some general wishes (Green-when-ripe tomatoes). Don't be shy. It is easier, if your wishlist has 100 things on it. If you wish to message me your wishlist, please feel free, and if you'd like, post it (or some of it) on the thread. If you have something on your wishlist & get it from another source, change your mind, or find something that you wish to add to your list, just let me know. It is no trouble to change the lists until the day that I send them out, then you're kinda stuck.
Please include both your real name (for mailing) and your screen name, so I know who has sent in their seeds! I had trouble with a few last go 'round who didn't include a screen name

Inside your envelope you should have:
1. Whatever seed you are contributing to the swap
2. 5 US Stamps (Canada & international can send monetary funds, if need be)
3. An address label with your address on it.
4. A wish list or list of preferences or do not want list
5. Include your name & Screen name

I'm downsizing in the winter, so my stash of seeds will be added...everyone will end up with more than they sent in.
I'm posting this on Idig, as well...there were quite a few participants from the site last time.

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