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Did your Star (Confederate) Jasmine survive the freeze?

My huge 20 year old Star Jasmines planted on a chain link fence in two locations froze to the ground. The stems were split and the bark peeling off all the way to the bottom. They did this once before in the mid 80s and came back from the roots.

The reason I'm asking is because I'm considering killing any new growth (hate to do that, but ...) and replacing them with the more freeze tolerant Madison Star Jasmine, which was discovered in Madison, GA., but before I do that I want to be reasonably sure the Madison's survived.

When I looked for named Madison's several years ago without success one nurseryman told me that when a superior cultivar comes out that is not easily ID'd most growers will propagate it without naming it. But of course I'm not sure that would be the case with every grower.

However, my next door neighbor planted Star Jasmines from Lowes last year on their chain link fence and the very tops froze, but a lot more survived at the bottom than mine did so that leads me to think they were "Madisons".

So, did your's planted in the open survive and if it did how long since you planted it, since that might be an indication whether it is the freeze tolerant Madison variety?

I wish I knew exactly when the Madison was released, but I don't. Thank you for any pieces to this puzzle you can add.

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