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Getting worms to leave the tray with the best castings

14 years ago

We use a five-tiered system with a sloping roof (Guasanito?). In our first batch of worms (Feb) we had 2 pounds but then had to leave town on an emergency and the neighbor followed WF's instructions and gave them 1/2 cup of food every day. They all died, leaving legions of babies. We got another 2 pounds in April, 1/3 of which were DOA. WF offered to replace the whole 2 lb but I just asked for one. About 3/4 of them are still with us, I'd say. Parts of the bin are squirmy bundles of wormage, and others more scarce. Babies are everywhere.

Presently four trays are in use, with the majority of the worms in the bottom two bins though we are trying to coax them up so we can harvest.

And, while the bottom tray is very wet (we are working to remedy that), it is full of very nice compost that we are eager to use as the early crops on the farm dwindle and we prepare for late plantings... but we can't get the worms to leave! They LOVE it and there are millions of babies. We tried feeding only in the trays above, but they don't seem interested in leaving. I have stopped feeding down there and even fed watermelon in the trays above, to no avail. Any ideas? Especially since the babies get through the fabric I had at the bottom of the bottom tray, sorting them out is not an option.

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