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@ ?daylilyfanntic?

13 years ago

Can't find the original thread.

You had the experiment for organic tomato magic this year.

I was a volunteer.

Due to various disasters, I have to drop out this time.

I DO have a 'stick' tomato growing, which is pretty much the same concept.

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  • freemangreens
    13 years ago

    I remember that thread! I just updated my Web site this weekend and if you'd like to see container-grown (perlite) toms that have been pruned using the "single-truss" method, click on the link below and you can see some pics. All the tomatoes are growing in a line around the top of my screen-house; easy pickin's. I use the single-truss method for that very reason; I'm lazy and don't like to stoop!

    The next batch of tomatoes are half normal and half "super-cropped" The super-cropped batch is no more than a foot tall and already has several toms (Brandywine) -- see the picture captioned "Super-cropped tomatoes in grow bags; center one in fruit".

    Here is a link that might be useful: Single-Truss Pruned Tomatoes

  • daylilyfanatic4
    13 years ago

    Hi, Yes I still have that thread going although now I started a new thread (organic tomato magic trial (lots of pics) ) I've been trying to post updates on my tomatoes every few weeks.

    I guess it's time for another update.

    I hope everyones watching to see the results!
    elskunkito, Well Feel free to post updates on your stick growing method on the Organic tomato magic thread. to bad you hadtomato disasters (I know what your talking about I have had a few myself.

    freemangreens, I'll have to check out your website again havn't looked recently.