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Castings consistency and usage

17 years ago

Hi everyone,

I've had a home worm bin for several years now and it's going great. I love having them eat our food scraps and shredded junk mail. I'm very lazy about getting the castings out, but I did a big harvest yesterday and now I have three plastic shopping bags full of sludge. So now I have two related questions:

1. Is "sludge" the consistency one would expect to end up with?

2. Then how do you use the stuff?

Mostly I've tried mixing it in with the soil at the bottom of a hole I'm planting something in. But it's very sticky and likes to clump together. When I sprouted tomato and pepper seeds indoors this spring I put some at the bottom of the pots; when I took the seedlings out to transplant them there was still a distinct solid chunk of worm sludge sitting there. Any recommendations?



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