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The EarthTainer 'Farm' Photo Update - May 19 (pics)

14 years ago

About 3 weeks since my last update. Cold and (un)typically rainy for N. California this time of year. Anyway, the "Farm" continues to make progress:


Paul Robeson is now 65 inches tall with prolific flowering:


Danko is my lead fruitset producer with more than 10 now visible:


Bloody Butcher has multiple fruitset:


With even Japanese Black Trifele getting into the act:


The Fertilizer trials are showing early differences in plant growth, but too early to weigh in on which brand is the winner. Identical Goose Creek with Brand "A" in the 'Tainer on the left, and Brand "B" in the right 'Tainer:


Again, Brand "B" Goose Creek in the 'Tainer on the left, and Brand "C" fertilizer in the 'Tainer on the right:


I think it is apparent that Brand "C" is taking the lead in plant growth and vigor.

The Bell Peppers that I over-wintered and cut back a few weeks ago are re-growing nicely, and I think I will do the same again next Season, as they are showing blossoms already in mid-May:


My NuMex Heritage 6-4 Peppers are now starting to flower:


Corn is growing more than one inch per day, even with this crummy weather:


Starts every 2 weeks should keep me in sweetcorn from mid-July on through the Fall:


So, in spite of the poor weather, life is good down on the "Farm":



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