Saving seed from a fresh tomato to be planted this same year?

9 years ago

I'm no stranger to saving seed, but it's not usually planted the same year as you eat the tomato!

That said, I have a "dwarf" tomato plant from Walmart (ew!) and is actually good enough that I want to save seed from it (maybe I'm just starved for homegrown maters!). I've already asked about it on here (thank you Dr. Carolyn & Dave!) and is NOT a hybrid and it isn't actually a dwarf, but I'm loving the 80 or so cherry tomatoes so far from it. The variety is Cherry Falls or Cherry Fountain - it seems to have come from the UK.

Anyway...I have easily another 50 fruits on the plant and despite the other 250 tomato plants I'm growing I think this one is good enough to plant.

Can you actually plant fresh tomato seeds? Do you need to ferment & dry them or will they grow right from the fruit?

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