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new: super sunflower seed savers!

18 years ago

The sunflowers are just appearing on the sceen and I must say they look GREAT!!!! Wondering if there are more sunflower lovers out there who would like to exchange sunflower seeds?

It is impossible to save afew sunflower seeds so I thought we can share. Looking for up to 10 people to participate. Send in multipuls of 10 of each type of sunflower seed packets. You receive as many seed packets as you send in. 10, 20, 30, or 40. put your name on the packets so you don't get yours back.

You have plenty of time to get your seeds in.. the date the seeds are due is October 1. You can send them in earlier. I will get them all back in the mail by October 15.

Please include enough return postage stamps (NOT METERED POSTATE) in the bubble wrap envelopes for me to return your seeds back to you. If you want to include a self address mailing sticker, that will be helpful.

Seed count is appprox. to whatever you can fit into your seed packet depending on the size.

Looking forward to seeing all new types of sunflowers around my yard next year. How about you? Send me your email address so I can give you my mailing address.

Also list here if you know the name of the sunflower seeds you will be exchanging and how many types. If you don't know the name just do your best to describe it so we don't all exchange the same type. Feel free to include any photos from your types on the post. Can't figure out how to add the photos myself, but would love to see yours... sunflowers that is.

Thanks for participating!

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