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NEW: Fall Harvest Fresh Seed Swap

16 years ago

This is a FRESH SEED ONLY swap. I hosted this a few years ago and it was very successful. It is also a great way to share seed that you have in abundance and receive new seeds!

Here's how it works:

-Sign up here on this forum (be sure that I have

access to your E-mail). OR E-mail me at to sign up. Once you

have signed up for the swap, I will send you address

to send seeds to and these easy rules for the swap.

-You may post some of your wants on this post when you

sign up...that way other participants can maybe

fulfill your wishes.

-Harvest, dry and package your fresh seeds. Mark

clearly with name of seed and any other info.


-Send your seeds (you will receive back as many seeds

as you send. Limit of 15 packages of same seed),

return postage (as much postage as

it took to mail to me),and your return address label

in a bubble envelope. Also send your trade list or a

list of seeds you are interested in...such as Flowers

no veggies, looking for white or red flowering

annuals, vines, etc. I will match everyones wants as

best I can.

-Mail in seeds by September 30.

-Any fresh seed is welcome!

-This will be fun!

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