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Leaves browning around the edges.

11 years ago

Hi everyone!

I have a question regarding my tomato plants - the edges of some are turning brown and dying.

Background info:

I finally got rid of the black leaf spot, blight, or whatever it was on my tomatoes, I think. There's no more visible signs... I used a neem oil solution to spray the plants. I did it two times in the last 14 days, once a week.

I fertilized about 2 weeks ago. To do so I mixed about 3 cups in a bunch of compost an just made small mounds about 5-6 inches from my plants with the compost/fertilizer mix and then added more compost on top. This was sort of a mulch too I was hoping. (I don't exactly understand how to "scratch in" a bunch of fertilizer, so I thought this may work... :/ ) I was told that the fertilizer is not chemical so therefore not extremely quick releasing so it would be hard to burn the plants with it. Here is the ingredients:

On a side note, how often should I fertilize? It says monthly.

I water about every 3-4 days. I may water too much? I just turn the hose on and soak for a while. The soil seems very well draining and it has been sunny out, but I'm near the beach, about 1 mile away, so it isn't too warm ever. It's been maybe in the mid 70s. I feel like they'd be turning yellow if it was over watering?

Thanks for all the help! Here are the images... It also seemed to happen on my strawberry plant which I also sprayed!

Also note I'm a total newbie!

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