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Let's talk about seed rolls

15 years ago

You know what I'm talking about--the seed rolls that you see on the infomercials, or Wal-Mart this time of year, or the ABC catalog. It's this mat with fertilizer and seeds worked into it, and you unroll it and water it and it magically grows wonderful flowers for you just like that (supposedly!).

Well, it sure sounded like a good idea to me, since 1) I'm pants at distrubuting seed evenly over a large area, and I've tried all the tips about how distribute seed, and 2) when I do try direct sowing a large area, the birds eat all my seeds (I'm ok with that because I love my birdie friends, but--sheesh, it's no secret that they love the bird feeder, so it would be nice if they left my flower seeds alone in the soil). The seed rolls seemed like a good way to cover a few feet of soil with seeds, and I hoped it would be harder for the birds to eat the seeds (both because the seeds are in the "fabric" of the roll, and because the Miracle Grow style of fertilizer might not make the seeds yummy.

Anyway, I've tried these seed rolls twice, and nothing is happening (except the weeds get out of control, because I'm not sure what the seedlings for the "butterfly mix" roll look like... so I let everything sprout, then... sure enough, grass and dollar weed and such!).

Who else has tried these seed rolls, and what was your experience? Any tips or brands I should look for? Are these a big rip-off, or am I doing something wrong? Or maybe the birds are still eating the seeds, even though they're mixed in with chemical fertilizer!

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