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Kill the Ivy! Kill the Ivy! Help me Kill The Ivy!

16 years ago

For the first 8-10 feet of my front yard I have a fairly steep north-facing slope before the yard levels out. The previous owner had planted some spreading conifers that died probably because of the lack of sun. Due to admitted negligence on my part the highly dreaded English Ivy established in the slope area.

$100 and a number of man hours later by this wonderful young man, the area has been stripped of the ivy completely above the ground. Looking closely I can still see some of the root system is in the ground, despite his hard work and braun (Hate the Ivy! I am a HUGE fan of manking it illegal like in Portland).

Anyway, here is my question - - what is the best thing to ensure that doesn't come back? Do I just pull out any new sprouts or am I better off spraying an herbicide like Roundup on any new growth? I really want to make sure that as many roots are dead as possible before I consider any new plantings an I am willing to wait until next season if necessary to make sure it is completely gone.

I do realize there will always be a battle to wage as neighbors on both sides have Ivy that I don't believe they are willing to remove and I am sure that is where it came from to start with. All help would be greatly appreciated.

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