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First harvest has mites, can I use the compost?

17 years ago


This is my first posting here, though I have been lurking for months. Thank you for all the information you've provided. You are just great!

I have a Worm Factory that I got at the Gardeners Supply warehouse here in VT. I actually went to a seminar they had on vermicomposting and I was sold! I just did my first harvest and got a fair amount of vermicompost.

However,there are lots of red mites (I'm assuming this is what they are) in the compost. I've read through the forums about the mites, but haven't been able to find if it's ok to use the vermicompost that has mites in it. Will the mites eat the roots of the plants I put them in? I do lots of container gardening (I'm on the fourth floor, no yard - just decks). It's finally planting time here and I'd love to incorporate the new harvest in my containers, but I'm scared that these mites will harm the plants. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.


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