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NEW: Fall Harvest Fresh Seed Swap

18 years ago

I would like to start a swap for freshly harvested seeds.


1) Send at least 10 packs of freshly harvested seeds.

Send as many packs as you more than 3 packs of same variety. You will get back as many packs as you send.

2) Seeds to include: annuals, perennials, veggie, ornamental grasses, etc.

3) Send in a bubble mailer:

-At least 10 packs fresh more than 3 packs

of same variety.

-Enough return postage to send mailer back to you.

(same postage as it cost for you to send).

-Self addressed mailing label.

- A list of what you would like to receive back...

eg. annuals,perennials,veggies, etc.

4) Send in all seeds by October 15. They will be mailed back to you by October 22.

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