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anyone use zeolite for odor control?

17 years ago

Hello! I'm new to this forum. I just started my worm bin four days ago, and everything is all set up, and I've added my little wormies and a little bit of food (so as not to overwhelm them while they're acclimating) but there is a very strong odor overtaking our house. I'm wondering if maybe they were shipped to me in manure or something, cause it's more than just an "earthy" odor coming from the bin. It's really stinky. My husband is a little annoyed at me...

So I was reading in "worm's eat my garbage" that zeolite is a possible solution for controlling odors. Has anyone else used it and found it safe, non-toxic, effective, etc.?

I think I can get some at a PetSmart in my city, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience and can give me any heads up or anything.

Thanks so much!


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