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Surprising non-native performers

14 years ago

What plants do you have that aren't natives that have done well? I know natives are great because they are tough, but I'm tired of seeing them everywhere with little variety. Here are some non-natives that have done well for me (or some not so often used natives):

1. Mona Lavender (actually came back this spring!)

2. Cosmos (keep reseeding beautifully)

3. Duranta (several kinds - die back in winter)

4. Hyacin Bean Vine (beautiful fall flowers & fast grower)

5. Creeping Jenny (love the color & has spread well - easy to dig up if it spreads its boundaries)

6. Blue Shade Desert Petunia -

(ground cover kind that grows low in shade with bright purple flowers. Can be invasive, but I LOVE it because I've got lots of kids and need tough plants).

7. Boston Fern - evergreen in my yard & spreads

8. Autumn Fern - evergreen in my yard & love the color of new foliage

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