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What are these small white flies - not fruit fly or fungus gnat

12 years ago

Hi all,

I've been reading for a while, but this is my first post. The search function didn't help me out on this question, so maybe you can?

I've been fighting back a fungus gnat infestation in my worm bin. So far, a combo of fly paper and frequent vacuuming up of the flying adults have really put a dent in the problem. Hopefully the beneficial nematodes will take care of the larvae, since according to my calculations they should be producing adult gnats soon.

Anyway, I've discovered over the past few days a new sort of flying pest, and I haven't been able to identify it. It's just a bit smaller and rounder than the adult fungus gnats -- about the size of small fruit flies. The most distinguishing feature is that it's whitish in coloring. I am pretty sure it's not a fruit fly since drosophila have red eyes, and these bugs don't. I have seen some info on white-eyed fruit flies, but my research suggests these are rare, so I'm doubtful that's what I've got.

Is it possible that these whitish flies are maybe recently-hatched fungus gnats that haven't... I don't know... darkened yet? Does anyone know if newborn fungus gnats have this quality about them with regards to coloring? For what it's worth, the white guys seem more sluggish than the established gnats.

Thanks for any advice you might have on helping me ID these guys. Knowing is half the battle!

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