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Which Vines Should I Be Choosing From?

16 years ago


I'm new on this forum but find it very interesting. I have a quesion for you all. I'm in zone 6 Boston MASS. One of the places that needs vining is a chain link fence on one border of 1 1/2-2 lot lengths (don't know exact footage and might need two seperaate ones/colors)

The chain link fence serves to border neighboring property, and has white and pick hibiscus with red centers in front of the fence, along 1 1/2 lot length. I have tried many vines and ground covers all over the property actually and although it hsa rich loam, and is well taken care of...most die> Hibiscus does very well and I'll be filling in empty spaces soon. I need to choose a groundcover one more time and think I have found a semi evergreen that is reddish purple. I need a heavy vine to go along the entier fence shich is about 4.5 feet tall. I prefer to have white but if not then only cool colors there. The entire length there is a bulb bed all spring. I need to plant a border there too between soil which is blacj mulchedm and grass which also needs help> LOL I'm pretty ill and chronically ill and some yeears things die and I have to re landscape the entire propertly all over agin except trees. Even thoe sometimes.

I would like to plant a vine (many I guess) that will mesh together, and be thick and provide a bacak drop pf white flowers and green foliaage for my photographing my lillys and bulbs (I am making an outdoor photo studio)..and that most of my shots out at that area. I don't know if roses as a shrub are a good idea because I;ve tried the best of teh best and they have died but most were from Wayside Gardens need Isy much more> The last ones tey sent are full of mold. I won't use that source again aafter losing thousands of dollars ot them over the years, rather each year.

I need floewrs on the vine for as long as possible in the 4 seasons. Climatis are startedover and voer at another spot and are just too slow to grow here> I have a sprinker system but because I've wsated so much money on the garden I can't afford t use it much and will water by hand alot> Hope this is not overkill of info. Thanks to anyone who can give me anidea what plants or types to consider. Thanks Cher (BIRDWISE) PS sun all day baut stronger from noon and later til 5=6 pm

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