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Doggone it! Now septoria (I think) and too much rain...

13 years ago

If it isn't one thing, it's another. My plants recovered from the sunburn nicely, but now it looks like they have septoria. The leaves covered in brown speckles (no yellowing though). They starting developing the speckles at the same time that they were showing the sunburn, so I thought the speckles were a symptom of that instead. But now the leaves are covered in them, even the new baby ones (sigh). I'll take a pic later to see if anyone can confirm. If it IS septoria, is it too late to spray the plants and save them? If I pick off the affected leaves, they'll pretty much be naked :-( The thing is, I don't know where they got it, because they were in our large yard, in 16 oz cups on our picnic table. Is septoria (or the like) commonly airborne?

Also, we've had heavy, heavy rains the last week or so, and I watched the plants get droopier and droopier. I finally brought them back inside and put them back under the lights, and within a few hours they were tightly curled in on themselves--not the leaves so much, but the little branches! They don't feel wilty (in fact, the curled branches feel quite strong), but they don't look happy at all. Is this normal, or are they dying?

AND I found a flingin-flangin caterpillar on my brassicas--inside the house! Sheesh.

Thanks in advance for looking (and for listening to me whine!).

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