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Have: Cobea scandens plant. Plus Dahlia imperialis, more

12 years ago


I have an "extra" Cobea scandens. I wish to send that along with a number of other things. I am looking mostly for interesting houseplants, such as unusual Hoyas, a few kinds of orchids (Angrecoid orchids, Coelogne usitana, Stanhopeas for outside), etc. In general unusual indoor plants that aren't available locally. I might have a few more specific "wants" and I will add them if they come to me.

I just bought a Cobea scandens, and the woman who owns the nursery offered to give me a second plant free. It is an incredible plant in a 4 inch pot that needs to go in a bigger pot or in the ground as soon as possible.

Here's a picture of the plant:

In case you are unaware what the plant in bloom looks like, here's a picture I took at Flowerland Nursery in Albany, California. The flowers are larger than they appear:


In addition to the Cobea scandens in the 4 inch pot, I can offer the following in some combination. Essentially, I would expect whomever I send the Cobea to veto other items. I generally trade for postage, and I'm fine with a lopsided trades. If it's extremely lopsided, it might make sense for the other person to pay all postage. In general, though, it's not an issue.

Anyway, here are some of the things I was thinking of. I do have more, and I may be able to assemble a more detailed list if you are interested.

Dahlia imperialis:

This is a division of the Double White D. imperialis that I made a week and a half ago. It is now sending out strong new growth.

Some houseplants: Stromanthe sanguinea Triostar, Monstera friedrichsthalii, Chlorophytum amaniense 'Fireflash'. All are recent divisions of new plants. The Chlorophytum new growth is weak, I assume because of this.

Some oddities: Homalocladium platycladum and Sauromatum (Typhonium) venosum. I'm not sure if that particular Homalocladium cutting has roots (they appear at various nodes). If not, it soon will. The Sauromatum is from a commercial source and will presumably bloom this season.

Some vigorous and beautiful and easy South African plants:

Bulbine frutescens, Monopsis lutea and Senecio barbertonicus

I would send fewer than the whole pot of Bulbine frutescens (unless one wants that many) as well as a smaller, fresh cutting/seeds of the Senecio. It's the weight of the cutting, not the availability. If someone wants 10 pounds and is willing to pay the shipping I might do that, if I can find the right box(es).

Among some of the other things I might consider sending to someone with appropriate growing conditions (generally coastal California or a COOLED (nights in the 50s) greenhouse. Those include Fuchsia boliviana Alba, Brugmansia sanguinea and Salvia wagneriana (white with pink bracts--may send more generally to zones 9-11).

As I say, lopsided trades are not a problem. I'm interested in getting something interesting and worth my time and effort as well as getting the Cobea to a good home as soon as is reasonably possible.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cobea scandens at Annie's Annuals

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