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1.5 year old guava fruiting?

14 years ago

Hi All:

I planted some seeds from an old white guava (totally pear-shaped fruit) tree about 21 months ago and I got one plant. Well, it has been a monster grower. Not only has it grown fast, but it first flowered at 13 months of age and it set 8 guavas! I ate the first guavas in July (about 17 months from seed). That's not all, it flowered three more times after that and has set probably about 20 more fruits (most lost to pruning). Today, the tree is 21 months old, we are in the middle of winter, but it has well over 100 flowers opening currently!

The first guavas were around 6 ounces and the last around 10 ounces and were absolutely delicious with very little seeds (around 20)...

My other fruiting guava tree took about 3.5 years to fruit...

Has anyone else seen anything like that, is my white guava tree normal?

Oh, BTW, I love my seedling beauty...

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